When is construction expected to begin and how long will it take?

Design is expected to be completed in Spring 2020 with construction beginning as soon as late Spring / early Summer 2020. The Engineering Department will phase construction of the improvements along Louisiana Street such that no more than one section is under construction at any given time. For this project, a minimum of two (2) phases are being proposed:

  • Phase 1: Church Street to Kentucky Street
  • Phase 2: Tennessee Street to McDonald Street / SH 5

It is estimated that construction of Phase 1 and Phase 2 will take approximately 5 months and 9 months, respectively, to substantially complete. For the purposes of construction, substantial completion is defined as all major work items functioning as intended but prior to City acceptance of the project. It is expected that Phase 1 will be completed prior to the 2020 Holiday Season, with construction of Phase 2 beginning in January 2021.

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1. What changes are being proposed along Louisiana Street?
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5. When is construction expected to begin and how long will it take?
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