TKI: Noise Concerns

Friendly Flying Program

The airport voluntarily maintains a record of complaints, investigates atypical noise events and encourages friendly flying. Call the hotline with any concerns: 972-547-7399.

When calling the hotline, provide as much detail about the nature of the event and aircraft as possible including propulsion type, number of engines and mounting location on aircraft, what the wings looked like, fixed or retractable landing gear, color(s) and paint scheme and the aircraft registration or "N" number.

Please note: there is no minimum altitude required during the takeoff and landing. Only the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has regulatory jurisdiction over aircraft in flight. If you believe an aircraft is violating FARs, contact the FAA's Dallas Flight Standards District Office at 214-277-8500 with the registration number (located on the tail section) and description of the aircraft.