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Plan Submittals

Effective January 1, 2022 

All construction permit applications required by the McKinney Fire Marshal's Office must be submitted through the Customer Self-Service Portal.  

For more information and tutorial videos, please visit our CSS-Information page or contact us at FMO@mckinneytexas.org


Inspection Requests

For Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and CSS "FIRECON" Permits 

All inspection requests must go through the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal

For more information on requesting inspections, please visit our CSS Inspection Scheduling video tutorial and "How-to View Inspection Report" guide.  You may also contact us at FMO@McKinneyTexas.org 

Fire Construction Permits with "Year-First" Prefix

Request for inspections on fire permits with a "year first" prefix (i.e. "21-001xx) may request an inspection through the following means:

The request must be made by the company the permit is issued.

Inspection requested by emails must include the following:

  • Fire permit number(s) [COM permit if a CO inspection]
  • Project name and address (including suite number)
  • Inspection type
  • Statement of passed pre-test
  • Phone number to confirm schedule date and time

Once the request has been received, the permit technician will contact the requestor and finalize a date and time for your inspection. 

Please note that all applicable inspection fees will be assessed due to failed inspections, cancellations, no-shows, no permit on-site, etc. 


System Impairments

In accordance with State law, and to ensure the continued functionality of required fire protection systems, all red and yellow tagged system notices shall be submitted via email to FMO@McKinneyTexas.org.