Property Tax Value

The City of McKinney Provides Excellent Value for Your Tax Dollars

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Many taxpayers are surprised to learn that only 23 cents of every dollar paid in property taxes go to the City of McKinney to fund vital services like public safety, streets and parks. This chart shows how property tax dollars are distributed among the four taxing entities.

  • McKinney ISD - 65% or $5,153
  • City of McKinney - 23% or $1,863
  • Collin County - 8% or $629
  • Collin College - 3% or $304
 Dollar bill property tax split

Based on a total property tax bill of $7,949 assessed on an average McKinney home value of $374,290.

What Your Tax Dollars Get You

For each city service funded using property tax dollars, the City of McKinney delivers a big bang for your buck in comparison with the cost of everyday items.

Parks & Recreation

  • 2,830 acres of open spaces
  • 45 parks
  • 6 recreation facilities
  • 70 miles of hike and bike trails

 $10 Monthly amount per household

Compare to: $58 monthly gym membership

Parks & Rec


  • 2 libraries
  • 1 mobile outreach vehicle
  • 38,900 public computer sessions
  • 1,550,300+ items checked out

$4  Monthly amount per household

Compare to: $64 monthly internet service

McKinney Public Library System

Public Works

  • 1,140 streetlights
  • 97 traffic signals
  • 4,300 stop signs
  • 1,699 lane miles of streets
  • 913 miles of sidewalk

 $12  Monthly amount per household

Compare to: $40 tank of gas

Public Works

Public Safety


  • 15,000+ fire unit responses annually
  • 11 fire stations
  • 8,100+ fire inspections annually
  • Community Health Program, commercial and residential fire and life safety self-inspection program and McTown Klownz Program


  • 72,000+ calls for police service annually
  • 90 neighborhood watch groups
  • Crime rate down 32% over the last 5 years (for all UCR crimes)
  • Victim services, K9, SWAT, School Resource Officers, Neighborhood Police Officers, Community Services Unit, Mounted Patrol, Forensic Investigations, Traffic Unit, summer teen camps, Police Explorers

 $73  Monthly amount per household

Compare to: $127 monthly mobile phone service

Public Safety

*Amounts are based on operating costs and the annual city property tax bill of $1,863 assessed on an average McKinney home value of $374,290.