Ambulance Relocation


The city relocated the ambulance stationed at Fire Station 9, which serves the northern area of McKinney above U.S. 380, to Fire Station 3, which is located west of U.S. 75 on Eldorado Parkway. Some residents have asked whether those near Fire Station 9 are now less safe in a medical emergency because the ambulance has been moved. 

1. Why was the ambulance (Med Unit 9) moved to Fire Station 3? 

In recent months, we have seen an increase in call volume and demand for emergency medical services (EMS) in the southern area of the city due to the city’s population growth. Therefore, we took our apparatus to the area of greatest need, which is Fire Station 3. However, we moved our team of Advanced Practice Paramedics who provide advanced intervention skills to Fire Station 9. These highly trained crews stabilize patients and prepare them for transport while a medical unit is en route to pick the patient up. 

Further, as Fire Station 11 opens in the Craig Ranch area next month, the current Fire Station 8 on Alma Drive near Gabe Nesbitt Community Park is closing around the same time to be demolished and rebuilt on the existing site. These projects change the distribution of our resources, resulting in the need to reshuffle our staff and apparatus to the areas of greatest need during this temporary period of construction.

2. How will this affect the level of care for residents covered by Station 9? 

The move actually increases the quality of care because our team of Community Healthcare Program paramedics are now stationed at Fire Station 9. They are a team of Advanced Practice Paramedics (APP) who are highly trained and able to provide advanced intervention skills. They stabilize patients and prepare them for transport while a med unit is enroute to pick the patient up. 

As first responders, we are trained to jump into action to save lives, and that is what we will continue to do to the very best of our abilities. 

3. What if a firetruck comes to a medical emergency? 

In any emergency event, the McKinney Fire Department may first arrive at the scene in a fire truck or an ambulance, based on proximity and the nature of the emergency. Regardless, all McKinney firefighters are trained as paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians. We have medical equipment on the firetruck that enables crews to provide paramedic-level care until the ambulance arrives.

4. Is this the first time equipment and resources have been reallocated throughout the city?

No. The priority of the McKinney Fire Department has always been and will remain the safety and well-being of the community. As the city continues to grow, resources must be added to keep up with the pace of growth and reallocated to areas of the greatest need. 

We pride ourselves in being a data-driven organization, making smart decisions based on the complete picture of what is happening in our community. By strategically evaluating current resources and proposing options that tackle the community's most pressing needs without added cost or sacrificing residents' well-being, the city is acting as the most responsible steward of tax dollars.