Bike McKinney

McKinney's On-Street Bike Plan

City Council adopted the On-Street Bicycle Transportation Master Plan as a framework to develop an on-street bicycle network in line with the vision created in cooperation with residents and stakeholders. 

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Bicycle Signage

Ease of Use

Bicycle Boulevards provide connections to existing off-street Hike and Bike trail facilities and other on-street bicycle facilities. We've installed signs throughout the system to promote safety and awareness. Bicycle Boulevard signs may or may not be posted along with supplemental "Bicycle May Use Full Lane" signs.

  • Easy - Bicycle Boulevards, residential streets, generally low traffic and speed.
  • Moderate - Shared roadways, generally low to moderate traffic and speeds.
  • Difficult - Signed roadways, higher traffic volumes and speeds.

Bicycle Boulevards

The heart of the On-Street Bicycle Network is the system of Bicycle Boulevards. These routes circulate primarily through low-speed (30 mph), low-volume residential areas. They provide a level of bicyclist comfort similar to that of a trail system and are intended for a wide range of cyclist skills and abilities

Shared Roadways

Shared Roadways are two or four-lane streets with a posted speed of 35 mph or less and traffic slightly higher than those on a Bicycle Boulevard route. These routes serve as connectors between Bicycle Boulevards, Hike & Bike Trails and Signed Roadways. While they are intended for use by all cyclists, some may be less comfortable due to higher traffic, speeds, and traffic lanes.

Signed Roadways

Signed Roadways are higher speed arterial roadways with posted speeds over 35 mph. On most existing arterial roads, pavement width is too narrow to add bike lanes and the speed limit exceeds the thresholds for Bicycle Boulevard or Shared Roadway treatments. Traffic speeds and volumes on these thoroughfares require significant cyclist skill and confidence. By Texas law, these roadways are open for use by cyclists.