Fire Station & ARFF

Airport Fire Station & ARFF

McKinney Fire Station #4 is located directly adjacent to McKinney National Airport. The facility provides fire safety to McKinney National Airport and the surrounding community. With firefighters assigned to the station 24/7, emergency firefighting vehicles and medical attention are close at hand in the event of an emergency.

Specially Trained Firefighters

  • EMS capabilities
  • Professional, ARFF-trained aircraft rescue firefighters

ARFF Vehicle

  • Dual agent hose reel (dry chemical)
  • Forward looking infra red ball camera system (FLIR) for enhanced night vision
  • 1500 gallon per minute (GPM) pump
  • 1500 gallon water tank capacity
  • 2007 E-One
  • 205 gallon foam tank capacity
  • 375 / 750 GPM bumper turret 16 PPS (dry chemical)
  • 375 / 750 GPM roof turret